Natural Skincare.

Made in Germany.

Discover a new world of scents with OSKAR®


Stay tuned.

OSKAR® handcrafts natural and organic skincare in Germany. The creations follow the vision to combine quality, lifestyle and minimalistic design, always focussing on the customers needs. Please stay tuned while we develop OSKAR® skincare to perfection.

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Handcrafted with plant-based natural ingredients, exploring the world of scents.


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Fabric Spray

Eau de Parfum

“Skincare made to nourish your skin.”


The Founder.

As a passionate cook, creative thinker and entrepreneur, Jonas van Blanken believes there is too much complexity in the skincare and cosmetic business. That is why he decided to create his own products following a very simple principle: “Skincare should be made to nourish your skin!”. Not more not less. Thoughtfully selected ingredients allow your skin to detox and regenerate.

By experimenting with fresh botanicals and aromas from his world travels, he has created luxurious scent combinations in his skincare. Easy to understand and based on natural ingredients.

Jonas van Blanken.